Your support unlocks Africa’s abundant resources for her most vulnerable people.

Your support unlocks Africa’s abundant resources for its most vulnerable people.

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Our Work

Africa’s abundant resources will one day feed and power the world. Yet thousands of children die here every day because they lack the basic needs to survive.

With local knowledge and in partnership with our communities, we remove barriers and restore the abundance of Africa to its people. With our dedicated staff and partners, who live and work in our communities, we listen to the priorities of the people and together design programmes that continue to save lives, build resilience and transform our communities. 

"The scale of the challenge is enormous, but so are the dreams of Africa’s people. If we all come together for Africa, providing the resources needed to plant the seeds of transformation, we can and will see Africa's communities shift away from charity to self-sufficiency. From surviving to thriving!"

Isak Pretorius: CEO

Where we work

We love this place and we love our people. Africa is home and we know what needs to be done to see it thrive.

50,835 people assisted in 2021

549 people assisted in 2021

412,199 people assisted in 2021

Insights from Africa

One day, Africa will feed the world, power the world and show the world how to live in community.

Voices of Africa

Hear from those who are working together for Africa to thrive. Every one of them - a story worth sharing.

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