Your support unlocks Africa’s abundant resources for her most vulnerable people.

You can feed a child this Christmas

Did you know that by giving R780, you will feed a child for an entire year? That’s only R65 per month!

During this season, our priorities shift to making the best of what’s left of this year – and make it count, give it real meaning! Nothing can offer this quite like doing something good for another. 90% of Africa’s children are hungry or malnourished and providing these children with a daily meal at school is one way that we are going about changing this and so can you.

Gift an E-card

Gift an e-card to your friend with a personal message, and they’ll see the difference their gift is making to a child this Christmas.

Feed a child this Christmas

This is a whole lot more than food. Here’s what it means to children living in South Africa.

02. Nutrition

Most do not receive adequate food at home, whereas a fortified daily school meal is designed to meet those nutritional gaps and improve the micronutrition status of a child.

03. A future

A daily school meal means better physical and mental development, which leads to more productive and intellectually able adults in future.

04. A childhood

Children who don’t receive meals at school are often forced to drop out so that they can find work to put food on the table. A daily school meal means they can stay in school, learn, and play like children should.

05. Wellbeing

For those children who come from food-insecure homes, receiving a meal at school can alleviate different ailments like stomach aches and headaches.

Imagine an Africa where no child is without food and is free to go to school, to learn, play and dream of a future. We have a vision of such an Africa and believe that it’s going to take the cumulative effect of people, just like you, choosing to take immediate action for another, to realise it.

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