Your support unlocks Africa’s abundant resources for her most vulnerable people.

The challenges of our continent are diverse and complex but together we can overcome them.

Your support means access to education, food, water, health, income, and dignity for those who need it most. Our locally led interventions and your generosity will save lives, build resilience, and bring hope as we work together for an Africa that thrives.

Our work

We listen to the priorities of our people and together design programmes that give all African people the ability to thrive.

Did you know that by giving R780, you will feed a child in Africa for an entire year? That’s only R65 per month!

This is a whole lot more than food. Find out what it means to children living in low-income countries in Africa.

The scale of the challenge is enormous, but so are the dreams of Africa’s people. If we all come together for Africa, providing the resources needed to plant the seeds of transformation, we can and will see Africa's communities shift away from charity to self-sufficiency. From surviving to thriving!

Isak Pretorius: CEO