Cyclone Freddy stories

Cyclone Freddy decimates crops
Destroyed: Maria Nguila stands among her decimated cassava crops The full-time farmer is still reeling from the damage the tropical storm wreaked on her land Maria Nguila is devastated. The 57-year-old farmer from Vilankulo in Inhambane province, Mozambique watched as Cyclone Freddy decimated her crops last week. The heavy rains caused flooding; waterlogging her groundnut
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Cyclone Freddy Mozambique Emergency Response
En route: Roads were blocked by trees that had fallen over in the tropical storm, delaying ForAfrika’s team delivering essential supplies On 24 February, Cyclone Freddy hit the coast of Mozambique as a tropical storm. Heavy rains and flooding ensued. ForAfrika was prepared for the fallout. When Cyclone Freddy made landfall in Mozambique, ForAfrika was
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