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Emergency response

South Sudan: Floods leave more than 30,000 people homeless

Flooding in South Sudan.

“This is a terrible situation,” said a market-stall owner, struggling to speak in the shock of her sudden new circumstances. “I used to sell bedsheets in the market. Now that is gone. My children can’t go to school because there is too much water.” She points to her small shack, which now has to house her family of nine.
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Disaster overview

We were able to immediately assist with shelter kits and household items with help from partners and our Emergency Response Fund, however with at least 187,248 people affected there is much work to be done together with the communities to build back what was lost and restore the loss of livelihoods.

We are urgently trying to raise funds to support this.

Flooding in South Sudan.

Aweil Centre and Aweil South.

Provide shelter and household kits comprising mosquito nets, sleeping mats, blankets, and plastic sheeting to 1,000 flood-affected families.

Assist 6,611 families whose livelihoods are now severely affected.

Work with the community and partner organisations to provide work in exchange for food. This way people can feed their families while helping to rebuild their communal infrastructure such as roads and water wells. 

Provide seeds, tools, and training on agricultural techniques to increase food security.

Your donation will help provide:

  • Seeds & tools for planting crops
  • Agricultural training
  • Fishing kits

Emergency in numbers

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