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A daily meal allows school children to dream for their futures

On first meeting Isabel, it was evident how she clung to the safety and hope that she found in attending school, telling us that the meals she received there were the only ones she could be sure of.

She spoke of how her family had often gone hungry as they struggled to make ends meet. For many children in Africa, this means having to find work or take on caregiving responsibilities instead of going to school.  

But, thankfully, Isabel and her friends receive a meal at school, every day, and because of this their story will be different. 

"I still dream of becoming a doctor or a school principal one day, because I like to help other people. I want to make my grandmother proud,” she said with a smile 

Isabel added that she knows many children who started to attend when finding out that they can get food at this school, and now dedicate themselves to classes. 

Her story highlights that children who receive food at school are more likely to keep attending because it relieves the burden on families.