Your support unlocks Africa’s abundant resources for her most vulnerable people.


Support Rehan Greeff, ForAfrika’s biggest individual fundraiser, as he attempts to complete three full triathlons, in three different countries, in just one week.

£5,646 Raised

£100,000 Goal

Last Year Rehan ran the equivalent of 7 marathons (300km) around Greater London in one go! But he didn’t do it alone. He got people like you to run the furthest they’ve ever run before and together raised over £50,000 ForAfrika. This year Rehan is back and he will push the boundaries to take on 3 full triathlons in one week – in three different countries to raise £100,000! The total distance of 678km, swimming 11.4km, cycling 540km and running 126.6km.

The challenge

Raise £100,000 by completing three full triathlons, in three different countries, in one week.

Hunger is a leading cause of death of Africa’s children.

On current trends, 31 million children will die in Africa by 2030, according to UNICEF. In low and middle-income countries [like many in Africa], undernutrition contributes to about 45% of deaths in children under five.

Hunger is a persistent issue in Africa because the continent is already suffering from conflicts, displacement and natural disasters brought about by climate change. All these factors hamper its economic growth. The financial strain of the Covid-19 pandemic and the food crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine has made matters even worse and plunged the region into an even more precarious position.

We’re on a mission to change that.

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you can give, you can come alongside a child or a community in Africa and be part of a transformation that matters.

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