Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

Emergency response

Across the African continent, whether it’s a disaster made by nature or an emergency made by humans, ForAfrika is here responding with:

food water shelter blankets supplies love care medicine logistics hygiene kits non-food items vigilance assistance provisions guidance safety protection warmth tools aid support help hope

Because Africa is home, we are here responding to emergencies before others come and we remain after they leave. During the storms, through the conflicts and after the floods we rebuild, repair, rehabilitate, restore and revive. We can’t do this without your help. Emergencies don’t wait. Don’t wait to give.

Current emergencies

We are currently responding to emergencies caused by natural disasters and conflict – you can help by sharing this with others and making a donation. View current emergencies below:

Emergency response fund

Because emergencies don’t wait, we have an emergency response fund so we can assist families immediately when crises strike. By donating to this fund you are ensuring that help is on the way where it is needed most.

Emergency response in Africa

We set up temporary emergency water supplies.

We get emergency food rations to families who need it the most. A voucher system for cash and food makes for fair distribution.

We buy and then transport commodities into the disaster zone, delivering them to those in need – one of the most difficult activities during a disaster.

We provide emergency shelter, clothing and medical supplies.

Emergency response at a glance in 2021

People reached
Hygiene kits delivered
Food delivered
196,273 kg
Non-Food Items delivered
381 packs

Disaster stricken areas

We are here before others come and we remain after they leave. Africa is home. View our emergency response locations to date.

Emergency response stories

Disease, displacement, and death have ripped innocent lives apart across Africa. One South Sudanese woman sat sobbing, shocked by the realisation of all that the torrential floods had washed away – her home, her livelihood, and her food supply. “There is no one to help me,” she said, feeling utterly alone. Continue reading this story…

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