Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

ForAfrika group strategy and structure

  • Passionate
  • Faithful
  • Bold
  • Creative
  • Accountable
  • Resilient
  • Professional
  • Integrity

For Africa to Thrive – Driven by a deep love for our people, we won’t stop working until everyone on our continent has the resources they need

Our Africanism- Local solutions to unlock Africa’s potential

To enable 20 million Africans
to sustainably provide for themselves

Target Market/”The List”:

  • Institutional (Bi-lateral / UN / Trusts / Foundations / Churches)
  • Corporates (African and Affiliate Countries / Multinationals)
  • Individual: Middle income to High Net Worth – People who love Africa and trust us


3 UniquesTM:

  1. We are African and partner with African communities to find local solutions to local problems. We don’t exit - this is home
  2. We take a holistic approach and design integrated programmes
  3. We unlock the resources that enable people to provide for themselves and become self-sufficient


Proven Process:
We have a 40 year proven track record, partnering with communities to find local solutions to local issues, accountable to our donors and communities


We multiply every dollar to achieve maximum impact


3-year picture

Future date

December 2025


$150 million

People Reached:

7 million


1 million people self sufficient

What does it look like:

• Emergency fund at 1% of total revenue ($1.5m)
• Reserve fund remains at 10% of revenue
• 60% prefunded projects
• Expand geographically to other African countries
• Right people in the right jobs
• Diversified funding resources (balance risk)
• Aligned governance, systems and processes
• Data driven, Objective Management
• An institutionalised framework for localization


1-year plan

Future date

December 2023


$80 million

People Reached:

3 million


250,000 people self sufficient

Goals for the Year:

• A single unified ForAfrika (one culture, vision and strategy)
• Align financial systems and fundraising processes across the group
• Establish impact measurements for self-sufficiency
• Implement Global Fundraising strategy + plans – driven from ground up
• Increase operational footprint by two new programme countries
• Rollout localisation framework
• Clean governance report


Rocks for the quarter:

**Rocks being developed

Issues list


*List being built currently


• Identify
• Discuss
• Solve