Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

We don’t use food
just to feed.

We use it to

save lives educate nourish grow empower see Africa thrive

Across the African continent ForAfrika is distributing food to those who need it. But we don’t use food just to feed. To us and our communities it is about so much more than food.


We use food to save lives, to nurture the lives of children, to ensure healthier, stronger communities and to produce growth. Above all, we use food for Africa to thrive.

We use food to save lives.
When disaster strikes nothing will deter us from ensuring that food is delivered to the most vulnerable and that our communities feel supported.

“Some community members will tell you that they didn’t believe there were people who cared or who would listen, but then we showed up to deliver food parcels. It revives their confidence, and they feel recognised. That humbles me,” -Precious Msimango, Community Development Officer who is responsible for delivering food and other emergency items to vulnerable people.

We use food to nurture the lives of children.
For many families a daily meal is an irrefutable motive for sending their child to school. Food is a child’s access to education.

Dickson Dawaima enjoys his lunch at school each day. A special ingredient is the kale which he has helped cultivate in the school garden. “Yes, I know what’s in here. It’s rice, coconut and my couve [kale]!”

We use food to ensure healthier, stronger communities.
Access to nutritious food is a key ingredient to ensuring healthier, stronger communities.

Teacher Lydia Fernando uses the school garden for practical demonstrations. “It is good for children and the community. This way they can learn from experience. They also learn how important it is to eat different types of foods.”

We use food to produce growth.
Equipping our communities with the right skills and access to grow their own food is a pathway to prosperity.

For InacioTumbo, agriculture has been a way of using food to get out of poverty and into prosperity. “I can feed my family and send my children to school. Here there is a lot of unemployment, but the young ones can look at me and see that this is a way they can prosper,” adding that he has plans to use some of his earnings to build houses that he can rent out for his retirement.

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Thanks to your support, last year we boosted food security for 875,835 people

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8,214,783 kgs
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