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Dionisa and her daughter Tereza share their home with 13 others in a small town in Benguela Province, Angola. Often they only have enough food to eat once a day.


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Access to safe water is a basic human right. It contributes to improved health and nutrition, education and wellbeing. Without water, proper sanitation and hygiene is not possible and without proper sanitation and hygiene, people get sick. Water-borne diseases, especially in children under the age of five years, can lead to malnutrition or worse.

KwaZulu-Natal flooding emergency appeal

More than 400 people have died, 40 000 have been left without shelter, food, water and other humanitarian necessities.


Join Rehan Greeff, ForAfrika’s biggest individual fundraiser, as he attempts to complete three full triathlons, in three different countries, in one week.