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Emergency response

Cyclone Freddy returns:
The longest-lived cyclone in recorded history has struck Mozambique for a second time

En route: Roads were blocked by trees that had fallen over in the tropical storm, delaying ForAfrika’s team delivering essential supplies

Its first coming left homes, schools and crops destroyed and vulnerable communities at serious risk. The impacts of Cyclone Freddy are now being felt for the second time which will lead to an increase of affected people and families seeking assistance.

Disaster overview

Cyclone Freddy made its passage over Mozambique where government declared a state of “red alert” - expediting operations to tackle severe flooding and other effects of this tropical storm that it left in its wake. The cyclone moved away only to return for a second time.

Hand over: Items were distributed to families who needed them the most

Inhambane and Sofala provinces, Mozambique

Together with partners and the local communities, we are supporting a government-led response to families who are at risk because of flooding and damages caused by the cyclone's first appearance. Our teams are responding with essential services such as food, blankets and shelter to the most vulnerable. With the cyclone returning for a second time we expect an increase in the number of people and families who we would like to assist.

Your donation will help provide:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Blankets
  • Shelter
  • Hygiene products
  • Toiletries

Destruction in numbers to date

People affected
Houses destroyed/damaged
Crops affected
38,100 (Ha)
Classrooms destroyed

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